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We’re here to assist you with your reproductive genetic health. As South Africa’s
reproductive genetic specialists, we’re helping people minimise the risk of passing
on genetic diseases to their children.


Be proactive with your

Genetic Health

We’ve made comprehensive carrier screening accessible locally to South Africans
for the first time. Your genetic code holds valuable insights. Unlock these insights
through an easy saliva test.


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Fertility Journey is Different
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We work with IVF clinics nationwide to assist you on your journey. Our testing is
affordable and reduces your anxiety with incredible turnaround times. Find out more
about reproductive genetics.


About Us

We are creating a future where more and more South Africans are empowered with the right information about their reproductive genetic health.

Reproductive genetics is a highly specialised, complex and rapidly evolving field. We began our journey in 2020. Today we are proudly the only reproductive genetics laboratory in South Africa with ISO 15189 accreditation, which is specific for medical laboratories. This ensures that you have access to testing of a consistently high international standard of quality and competency.

Our specialised testing portfolio includes proactive carrier screening before you start a family, as well as specific testing if you’re struggling to conceive, like PGT-A, PGT-M, POC and Endometrial Receptivity Testing (ER-T)


We are setting new standards for local testing.

We are proudly the only reproductive genetics laboratory in South Africa with ISO 15189 accreditation, which is specific for medical laboratories.


We are at the forefront of giving South Africans the best of international testing standards.

That means there’s no need for you to send tests overseas, and incur increased costs and lengthy wait times.


We are paving the way for increased accessibility and affordability.

We continuously strive to make genetic testing more affordable and available to South Africans

Our Products


A genetic screening test, identifying common genetic conditions that might potentially be passed on to future children. This test assists in family planning and reduces risk.


PGT- A specifically involves the screening of embryos for chromosomal abnormalities that may lead to developmental issues, miscarriage, or other health problems. This test is performed before implantation and is done in conjunction with your IVF clinic/doctor.


PGT-M is specifically designed for couples who are carriers of a known genetic disorder. It helps identify embryos that potentially are not affected with the specific genetic mutation or disorder, reducing the risk of inheriting the condition.


This genetic test is performed to determine if a miscarriage was caused by the chromosomal makeup of the foetus. The test is performed on the tissue that is expelled from the uterus during a miscarriage or pregnancy termination.


This procedure will assess the receptivity of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus). The endometrial receptivity is crucial for the successful implantation of a fertilised embryo, leading to a successful pregnancy.