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We are creating a future where more and more South Africans are empowered with the right information about their reproductive genetic health.

FutureGen Laboratories, a division of the Kingfisher Medical & Kahma group, was established in January 2020 to tackle the cost and accessibility issues surrounding reproductive genetic testing services in South Africa. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge genetic solutions to the South African community, ensuring both affordability and efficiency. We take pride in being the sole reproductive genetic testing lab in South Africa with SANAS ISO 15189 accreditation. Our specialized testing portfolio covers carrier screening for family planning and advanced genetic testing for women/couples struggling to conceive. Led by industry experts and fuelled by passion, we're committed to delivering top-notch genetic services to empower individuals and families.

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Creating a future where people are empowered to take control of their reproductive health.

Changing the lives of families, and generations through genetics

The only lab solely focused on reproductive genetics in South Africa. We are leading the way with best practice testing standards.

Why is reproductive genetic testing so important?

Reproductive genetic testing helps identify genetic disorders or conditions that may be passed on to your future children. Our genetic testing gives you this information, so you know - even before you conceive - what your risk is of having a child with a genetic disorder, and if your own genetic profile is affecting you falling pregnant or carrying a baby to full term.


Our testing is for everyone looking to start a family - whether that’s today, or in years to come. The early detection of reproductive genetic risks is critical - reducing the risk of passing on genetic diseases to your future children. One in every six couples struggle with fertility issues in South Africa. We are here to support your journey with our professional and reliable service.


Our Expertise

Our specialised testing portfolio includes proactive carrier screening before you start a family, as well as specific testing if you’re struggling to conceive, like PGT-A, PGT-M, POC and Endometrial Receptivity Testing (ER-T).

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Healthier families. Healthier generations.

Every test has an impact - shaping not just the present, but future generations to come.


South Africa has the potential to be a world leader in reproductive genetics. We are committed to educating our nation so that genetic testing will become an integral part of our healthcare system. This will enable South Africa to build its own base of African-specific genetic knowledge. With this comprehensive genetic data, new research opportunities will arise. Ultimately, our goal is to create more equitable testing, where individuals, regardless of socio-economic status or background, can benefit from advancements in reproductive genetics.


We didn't realise how important testing is, but now our goal is to tell everyone to do it!

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It's better priced and more affordable for those who truly need it.

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Our Promise


We take very seriously the trust placed on us, and treat each and every test, cell and embryo as if it were the only one in our lab.


We are part of your fertility team: bringing our expertise to your journey, working collaboratively with healthcare practitioners and specialists.


The work we do is never done. Each scientific and technological advancement enhances what we bring to you.


Our delivery of excellence is backed up with an expert team and supporting systems - from our lab specialists to our digital experience, to the care taken by our courier driver.


We are committed to providing our patients with transparent, private, non-discriminatory, and respectful reproductive genetics testing services.


Every person deserves to be tested. We are fighting the good fight to get medical aids and public health authorities on board to make testing more affordable and accessible.

Our Team

Adele Kazilsky

Adele Kazilsky


Adele has accumulated 30 years of experience running her own accounting and administration business and is a qualified tax practitioner. Graduating with a BSC in Biochemistry and Genetics, Adele turned her focus to business, where she gained a tremendous amount of experience in the fields of financial management, sales, and administration.


Returning to her passion of Biochemistry and Genetics, Adele founded FutureGen Laboratories in January 2020, leading the company from concept to fruition. Adele oversees the laboratory's operations, actively seeks new opportunities, and cultivates long-term relationships with partners in the genetic space.

Quintin Goodyear

Quintin Goodyear

Medical Director

Quintin completed his Master’s degree in Human Molecular Biology at the University of the Freestate (UFS) and interned with the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) in 2012. He joined the Division of Human Genetics at the Univesrity of the Witwatersrand (WITS)/NHLS at the end of 2012, where  he served as a senior medical scientist and lecturer specialising in sequencing analysis, fragment analysis, and copy-number variation.


After ten years of service in the public sector and several publications, Quintin joined FutureGen Laboratories in August 2020 as the Medical Director. In this role, Quintin is responsible for all laboratory operations, as well as ensuring quality management, and compliance with SANAS and ISO accreditation. Additionally, he is directly involved in all the testing and validations that FutureGen Laboratories offer. He is registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and is responsible for all data analysis and signing off of reports.

Vidya Naidoo

Vidya Naidoo

Medical Technician

With a degree in genetics and biochemistry and advanced skills in methodology and precision, Vidya is a HPCSA registered medical technician of the highest calibre. She obtained her degree from the  University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) and has demonstrated extensive experience in the private sector. Vidya is not only hands-on in processing samples in the lab but also possesses strong management skills for ensuring the efficient operation of the laboratory.

Sharlini Mari

Sharlini Mari

Senior Medical Technologist

Sharlini Mari has a National Diploma in Biomedical Technology and is registered with HPCSA. Sharlini has worked for more than ten years in private pathology sectors in the areas of haematology, microbiology and chemistry. Sharlini is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of laboratory practice - always going beyond the call of duty.

Joseph Matare

Joseph Matare

Courier Driver

Joseph has been part of our team since day one. For him, service is the name of the game. His deep commitment to responsibility guarantees that every test he carefully couriers is treated as if it was his own.