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FutureGen Labs Launches Carrier Screening

FutureGen Labs pioneers revolutionary changes to SA’s reproductive healthcare landscape as local providers of carrier screening to limit transfer of avoidable genetic diseases to future generations.

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FutureGen Labs Launches Carrier Screening

FutureGen Labs is proud to announce its status as the only ISO-accredited genetic laboratory to offer carrier screening in South Africa locally, signalling a revolutionary change to the country’s reproductive healthcare sector. The announcement follows the company’s participation in this year’s Reproductive Health Congress, held in Umhlanga over the weekend (08 – 11 March 2024) and hosted by the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endoscopy (SASREG).

FutureGen Labs are South Africa’s leading reproductive genetic specialists, with services focused solely on genetic issues concerning reproductive problems. Considering its role in the future health of oneself and one’s family, an individual’s genetic information is too crucial to ignore. As such, FutureGen Labs considers it their responsibility to bring the latest in international best practices to the local market, putting these testing standards within the reach of a greater number of people who require them.

Since its inception, FutureGen Labs has endeavoured to offer affordable genetic testing services to parents going through the IVF cycle, testing candidate embryos ready for in-vitro fertilisation (in collaboration with IVF specialists) as well as mothers who have previously experienced numerous miscarriages.

For the first time in South Africa, FutureGen Labs is proud to offer proactive carrier screening before one starts their reproductive journey. Together with our expert team and the latest technology, equipment and processes, we can accurately assess your test results to minimise the risk, and assist you on your reproductive journey. You can then make proactive decisions about the health of your future family. We understand the financial and emotional strain placed on people, and that’s why we guarantee affordable prices with incredible turnaround times” shares Adele Kazilsky, Founder and CEO at FutureGen Labs. 

The entire process is minimally invasive. Beyond the initial taking of a simple saliva sample for testing, FutureGen Labs has digitised its entire system to accelerate and simplify the procedure for its clients.

FutureGen Labs takes an ethical approach to the screening of your genetic health. In support of our clients, we go beyond the science of testing and ensure that our clients understand the science behind their results, underscoring our dedication to ensuring clients feel supported and informed throughout the testing process” concludes Kazilsky.

FutureGen Labs’ services are suited for any individual but are particularly valuable to those between the ages of 20 and 35, recognizing the critical importance of early genetic screening in family planning. 

As FutureGen Labs continues to lead the charge in reshaping South Africa’s reproductive healthcare landscape, it invites both the public and healthcare professionals alike to explore the future of genetic screening, thereby empowering people to take control of their reproductive health. For further information and to experience this innovation firsthand, please visit